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Classic and Vintage UK Motor Shows 2013

Thanks to the 350 of you who have already sent us your 2023 show details. To update your event, simply send us an e-mail to notify us of your dates. If you then need to update the full event or organiser detail at any time, then please send us details electronically using our word files. (See Contact us).

This is how we use dates:- We dont delete events - we simply roll them forward into 2024,2025, and 2026, as follows:-.

2024 - a 2024 Event date means we have a confirmed date for your event in 2024.

2025 - a 2025 Event date means that we expect your event to take place in 2024, but await a 2024 confirmation from you.

2026 - a 2026 Event date means we havent heard from you for a while - you aren't deleted, but please update us soon.....

Also PLEASE provide your website link, or at least a facebook page, with your event listing, so that the public can access your latest event information via our link to your web site.

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